How do you imagine the subsoil genesis to its present configuration? How do you describe oilfields formation, or simulate earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or tectonic plates dynamics?

You need strong mathematical numerical and statistical tools. The compgeo@mox group is devoted to the study of mathematical approach to understand the structure and the behavior of our planet.

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Computational grid used for the simulation of the Christchurch earthquake
Mesh used for the simulation of the effect of a seismic event on a bridge
Upscaled fractured reservoir
Simulation of the Christchurch earthquake
Saturation field in a fractured reservoir, computed using an upscaling procedure
Simulation of rifting
Flow in fractured media
Simulation of a fractured media by XFEM
Dissolution in porous medium
Propagation of an acoustic pressure wave with a high-contrast velocity model of the medium
Geometry extraction and mesh generation